YourAdChoices IconPut the YourAdChoices Icon to Work for You

What is YourAdChoices?
The Icon is a tool that lets you know when information about your interests may be collected or used for relevant advertising. It connects you to tools that allow you to control how data is collected and used for ads based on your interests.

What Happens When You Click the Icon?
When you click the YourAdChoices Icon, you can get information and make choices about your digital ad experience. You also may learn more about the company behind the ad and other companies that offer interest-based advertising.



Where Do You Find the Icon?
You can find the YourAdChoices Icon on or near ads on the Web, on ads in your mobile browser, and on the pages of many of your favorite content providers. You may also see the Icon when you install apps or on ads in those apps. You can see the Icon frequently—it’s served globally more than one trillion times each month.

Does YourAdChoices Block Ads?
YourAdChoices gives you information and control over the types of ads that use information about your likely interests. If you do opt out, then you will still see ads but they may be less relevant.


YourAdChoices IconWhat's Behind the YourAdChoices Icon?

The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA): The Cross-Industry Program Behind YourAdChoices
Companies participating in the program agree to follow the DAA Principles for transparency and choice for interest-based advertising. Equally important, all companies that engage in practices covered by the program are accountable under the DAA Principles.

What Do the DAA Principles Cover?
The DAA Principles apply to the collection and use of interest-based advertising data. The Principles provide other protections for data collection across sites and apps including controls for the use of mobile location and personal directory information, as well as prohibitions on the use of interest data for eligibility determinations.



Which Companies Participate in the YourAdChoices Program?
Hundreds of companies participate. You can also learn about the trade associations that sponsor the DAA Program.


YourAdChoices and Accountability
Companies engaged in interest-based advertising are held accountable. Consumer complaints are addressed through an independent enforcement mechanism provided by BBB National Programs (BBBNP) and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). These enforcement mechanisms also affirmatively monitor for compliance.


The Benefits of Relevant Advertising

How do relevant ads improve my digital experience?
With ads that are made more relevant based on information about your likely interests, you get ads that are more interesting and useful, helping you to discover new products or a better deal on services you already use.

How do relevant ads help pay for content and services?
Advertising is the engine that powers much of the content and services that consumers enjoy online. More relevant ads get more clicks, and advertisers pay more for these ads, allowing content and services providers to continue to operate without charging visitors to their sites.

How do relevant ads work?
Interest-based advertising tries to make the ads you see more relevant through the use of information about the types of sites that you visit across the Web or across the mobile apps that you use.



Participating Companies

Who's Participating in the YourAdChoices Program?
Hundreds of companies, representing thousands of brands, participate in the Digital Advertising Alliance's YourAdChoices program. These businesses understand that more relevant advertising messages go hand in hand with responsible data collection -- where consumers are given control over their digital and mobile advertising experience.



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