YourAdChoices (Token ID-Based Opt Out/Revocation Tool) (BETA)


Send advertising choices to some or all listed companies.

You can send an identifier to the companies listed below to opt out/revoke its use for Interest-Based Advertising and other applicable uses under the DAA Principles. You can send opt-out requests to some or all listed companies.

Please note that any identifier submitted within this tool, such as an email address, will not opt you out of email subscriptions, other email services, phone calls, or text messages, or other uses of the identifier you provide.

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Help make the ads shown to you more relevant by selecting the interests you wish to set from the list below and sending them to participating companies.

You may choose specific product or service categories that you are not interested in seeing by clicking on any of the buttons. Until you make a choice about one or more categories, you will not be able to submit your identifier.

Choices sent through this tool, even if no categories are selected, will not opt your identifier out from data collection, use, or transfer for Interest-Based Advertising. To make opt-out choices, click here.

Please note your preferences will be sent to the companies and used in a good-faith effort to help tailor advertising. You may still see ads from any and all listed categories after submitting your choices.

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You have a choice: You may either opt out your identifier from enabling Interest-Based Advertising or you may customize your choices with categories of advertising to ask companies to make your advertisements more relevant to your interests.  Please click one of the following buttons.

Opt Out IBA
Customize Preferences

This privacy tool is not currently supported on Unknown.

Current browsers that support this tool are Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Please access this page on a supported browser.

Step 1
Why is your email address or phone number needed to use this tool? Your email address/phone number may be used as a “token identifier” to help businesses provide more relevant advertising to you across various digital properties. Such use is distinct and separate from its use to send and receive email, phone calls, or text messages. By using this tool, you can control how advertisers collect data that are associated with this email address/ phone number as a token identifier, but not for the receipt of emails, phone calls, or text messages. We will also use your email or phone number to send you a message to request confirmation of your choices.
User chooses Control IBA (1) or Customize Preferences (2)
Step 2
Select from some or all of the listed companies to express your opt-out choice.
For more information about each company, please click the symbol: Info. (This will provide a description of each company and access to their privacy policy without exiting the opt-out tool.)
KEY: Opt Out No , No Preference Neutral
Select the interests you wish to limit below by using the corresponding buttons.
Your interests will be communicated to participating companies with an identifier you provide to help deliver to you more relevant ads. Scroll down to learn more about these companies. Submitting this form will not opt you out of Interest-Based Advertising, but companies will be sent your interests which they can try to use to tailor ads more closely to your preferences. This website will not retain the preferences you have chosen. You can adjust your choices anytime, but we will not display your previous selections if you revisit this tool. You may revisit as often as you wish to modify your settings with the companies below. For more information about each category, please click the symbol: Info. (This will provide a description of each category without exiting the preferences tool.)
KEY: Limit No , Do Not Limit Neutral

After the user decides which type of form to submit and decides which type of identifier to submit, then this section will display the appropriate choice list.

The following list of companies will receive your advertising preference choices when you submit this webform. For more information about each company, please click their logo.

IQM CorpMerklemPlatform

By submitting a phone number or email address through this tool, you acknowledge and consent to us sending you a confirmation to the text message or email you enter above, to provide further instructions for how to confirm your choice.  Phone and/or text message data rates may apply.

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