YourAdChoices (Token ID-Based Opt Out/Revocation Tool)


Send advertising choices to some or all listed companies.

You can send an identifier to the companies listed below to opt out/revoke its use for Interest-Based Advertising and other applicable uses under the DAA Principles. You can send opt-out requests to some or all listed companies.

Please note that any identifier submitted within this tool, such as an email address, will not opt you out of email subscriptions, other email services, phone calls, or text messages, or other uses of the identifier you provide.

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Why is your email address or phone number needed to use this tool? Your email address/phone number may be used as a “token identifier” to help businesses provide more relevant advertising to you across various digital properties. Such use is distinct and separate from its use to send and receive email, phone calls, or text messages. By using this tool, you can control how advertisers collect data that are associated with this email address/ phone number as a token identifier, but not for the receipt of emails, phone calls, or text messages. We will also use your email or phone number to send you a message to request confirmation of your choices.

By submitting a phone number or email address through this tool, you acknowledge and consent to us sending you a confirmation to the text message or email you enter above, to provide further instructions for how to confirm your choice.  Phone and/or text message data rates may apply.

This question is to prevent automated spam submissions.
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